Durban Marine Life

Over the year there are about 900 Bottlenose Dolphins resident along the KwaZulu Natal coast from Durban to the North Coast. In the colder months of winter and over annual sardine run, these numbers can increase to about 3000 dolphins, who extend their traveling range to gorge themselves on the sardines.  Witness some of the most fantastic dolphin viewing in the world aboard the power catamaran, the Spirit of eLan. Over the yearly sardine run watch super pods of Dolphins, sometimes more than 1000 animals at a time, playing and feeding, from the decks of the Spirit of eLan, available from boat hire Durban.

whale watching - Spirit of eLan

The sighting of whales off the coast of KwaZulu Natal is becoming more common with the Humpback whale population having increased to over 2500 and the population is growing at a rate of approximately 10% per year, making the Humpback whale one of the fastest growing marine populations in the world. The Humpback and Southern Right whales are commonly seen in the waters of Durban, heading off to southern Mozambique to mate.  Watch the whales breach and blow just metres away from you, so close you can see the barnacles attached to the whale’s body.  An amazing and unique experience, offered by boat hire Durban.

Depart on the Spirit of eLan from Wilsons Wharf, by the Durban harbour, early in the morning to make the most of the local fishing. The fish species in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean include the Natal Snoek, King mackerel, Dorado, Tuna and bottom feeders like Rockcod and Reds.  Fishing equipment is available on board and the crew are experienced in the sport of fishing.  Try trawling on the way to the fishing grounds and then relax for a bit of bottom fishing and an early morning beverage.

Whether you are a visitor to Durban or a local resident a trip on the Spirit of eLan is a must.

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