Corporate fishing charters beat corporate golf

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Corporate fishing charters beat corporate golf, hands down

Golf days have been a mainstay of corporate entertaining since dads went out to work and moms stayed at home creating domestic bliss. It’s obvious how far we’ve progressed since those days, isn’t it time to move on from corporate golf as well? We think so. Here are six good reasons why:


  1. On a fishing charter, everyone in the group has ample opportunity to spend face-time with everyone else. Being out on the boat for a few hours is a unique social experience. There’s enough space to move around and catch a private conversation or to indulge in group-chat. It beats spending the better part of five hours stuck with just four people for 18 holes.


  1. When you invite associates on a corporate fishing charter, you’re hand-picking a select group with whom you want to share a few hours in splendid isolation. Once you head out on the water, no-one can gatecrash and no-one can leave. A golf course isn’t open to that level of exclusivity, or splendid isolation.


  1. People actually want to come fishing. It’s not just another golf day. Diaries get cleared and meetings are rescheduled. An invite to join a fishing charter is something different, unique and special. This invite is not pushed aside as easily as one to spend another day on that all-too-familiar course.


  1. It’s OK if your guests can’t fish. It’s not OK if they can’t play golf. On a typical charter, novices will learn the basics and experience the thrill of casting out. There’s no less excitement among experienced fishermen putting all their tips and tricks into practice. Hacking around a golf course, blowing out on every second hole will hardly be remembered as a good day out.


  1. Six to eight hours on a fishing charter is time and money well-spent. Overruns are highly likely on the golf course. On the Spirit of eLan, you create your own package. Set the time limit, stock the bar and plan your meals and refreshments to suit your time and budget.


  1. Competition and camaraderie are better on a boat. This might be a controversial view and we’ll admit to being a bit biased but it’s more challenging, and hence rewarding, to land a fish than it is to sink a ball in a hole.


In our opinion, these are six good reasons to choose a corporate fishing charter over corporate golf. Are you convinced?

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